Chaotic information overload.

In today’s age of fast and overwhelming information, we barely have any time to actually sit down and think. We often find ourselves losing our train of thoughts due to so much exposure to unnecessary information. Everyday people are suffering from information overdose.



We need some time to think.

As important as social life is, it is during the times we are alone with our thoughts where we are able to organize and think about our lives. But as soon as we get back to the world, our insightful yet fragile thoughts are so easily crushed by the weight of chaotic information.




"You should write that down."

This is why we record our thoughts. Whether it’s by writing a meticulously prepared paper, or merely doodling a sudden thought, we never want to lose important thoughts, and that’s why sometimes we find ourselves desperately grabbing for a blank piece of paper to write down that information. We let go of so many important thoughts only to regret it later on. With access to so much technology and tools, why do we still behave this way?



Natural progression of human experience.

For as long as we know, humans have recorded information on physical objects in order to organize their thoughts. With the developments of today's consumer technology, we all deserve unique modern experiences.


Emotionally beautiful interactions.

There is something so beautifully emotional about writing with your fingers on a foggy window. The project’s inspiration comes from this behaviour, which is translated into a digital interaction.

Some things never change.

Whether it's writing on foggy windows, or using a smartphone, we love physical interaction. The main inspiration came from the possibility to heighten this behaviour into a truly special experience.


An inspirational tool for inspiration.

We are using our smartphones everyday to constantly consume and regurgitate information. The project's concept focuses on giving the people a special experience where they can be inspired to create original thoughts and ideas. Through the effective use of visual and gestural interactions, the goal was to develop a strikingly simple and inspirational tool for inspiration.



Fluid experience, with a dead-simple layout.

Ephemera’s interactions have been designed so that it allows the users to take full control, however, the strong grid system automatically guides the users’ actions. Every action is smooth, but the elements automatically align to the screen in order to effectively display the board.

Whether it’s interacting with a single square or with multiple columns in the size of a gigantic board, it’s all easily accessible with Ephemera.


Square Format & Grid System


However the visuals might be captivating, a very straight-forward interaction system had to be built, especially for organising the users' thoughts. Square format canvases are precisely laid out in a grid system for instant visual cleanliness. All of the app's layout has a cohesive look, allowing users to quickly understand what they are doing.


Hyper-Realistic Objects

Key part of the visual concept was to mimic the characteristics of actual objects. The visual elements are interpretations of foggy glass windows, metallic plates, and frosted glass. Although they look and behave similarly as actual blocks of glass would, the subtle colours and