Designed specifically for a luxurious experience. Use it as a handheld vacuum, showcase it as a beautiful object.


Clean, like no other.

Equate is a handheld vacuum cleaner that is completely unique. Designed for the luxury high-end market, it is a tool of desire. Tightly constructed into a single smooth piece, the mysteriously elegant form gives you an experience like no other.


Elegantly hidden features.

Equate contains two different purpose suction holes. The large suction contains an embedded brush for faster and more powerful cleaning. The small suction allows you to specifically target tight corners and hard-to-reach areas effectively. When finished, the vacuum cleaner can be simply placed on top of the magnetic charging dock.


Just a simple touch.

Equate can be used with its simple touch buttons. Simple touch with your finger to turn on/off or change the suction hole. LED indications will let you know if it needs to be charged or when its battery is full.


No more clutter.

Constructed into a single beautiful form, Equate's essential vacuum parts are also out of your way. Venting holes are hidden out of view and produces as less noise as possible. The dust bin is located on its belly, where it only takes a single push of a button to unlock it. Simply push the bin back into the belly to lock it again.